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Another bad mark on My Image in Boss’s Mind……:(

Another bad incident……

For the whole fraternity of indian cricket fans the 6 sixes on Yuvi against Broad is like immaculate piece of gift. But for me it went into another embarrasing laps of working day….

After the six sixes me and my lovely brothers got highly spirited for india and bought the same spirit we are having since our college days…… IMPERIAL BLUE with Thumps UP(SHhhhhh… my boss can forgive me for not coming to office but he will throw me out of office if he found me mixing cold drink with Whysky) …

Anyways by the end of the match i was full bottle down and not in my senses. They told me that i slept after 4 in the morning and i dont know what happened after that. But when i woke up next morning it was 5 Pm in the evening… High hangover…. Shittttt. Again not in the state of going enywhere… i know my this habit will some day take my job from me ……. God save me from the scoldings of ……….


September 21, 2007 - Posted by | Life Around Code

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